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購買兩件或以上小動物產品金額滿$500, 即可獲取95折優惠 



       The best place to buy hays for your small pets             



牧草新鮮保存度在於存放時溫度及濕度的控制。本店所出售的牧草皆由專人挑選及由總代理的24小時冷氣倉直接提貨, 另外我們亦自設冷氣存庫﹐外間牧草未能做到的話,牧草大多因存放太久而造成質素有變,甚至因發霉令草質變酸,生出昆蟲;exotic-pets 確保所出售的牧草質量是全港最好的, 務求把最好的美國牧草送到府上。



** Definition of Timothy cutting

1st cutting = Light green color, tough stems and seed head, with less leaf. (青綠色,硬莖及草端為主)

2nd cuttting = Dark green, stems and leafy with limited seed head.; (深綠色,含莖和葉平均)

3rd cutting =  apple green , most leafy (碧綠色,以嫩葉為主)








 來自美國加州的 timothy hay...





     Supreme timothy hay from USA

       “兔子洞” 提麼西草 <銷量急升中>       ----> 影片介紹<----



​                      1st cut timothy (含莖和花為主)    

                        A140a             24oz          $80     

                         A1401             5 lbs        $178  

                         A1402            10 lbs         $285    

                         A1403            20 lbs        $458

                         A1404            40 lbs        $748  


                        Winter Premium 3rd cut Timothy 精選多葉提摩西草

                        A540a             24oz          $80   

                        A540b             5lb             $178  


           Orchard Grass (果樹草)

                         A440a             24oz          $80      


           Mountain Grass (高山草)

                         A640a             24oz          $80    


                        Alfalfa Hay (苜蓿草)

                        A340a              24oz          $80     






 Since 1970, 來自美國尼維達州 (Nevada)最優秀的牧草場...


  美國皇家牧草王 (King's) 天然特級牧草  <美國進口草>


          ~~~ Best Buy~~~   本店銷量3甲之選


            1st cut Timothy Hay (多莖)

            A1301      16oz        $55     

            A1302      4 lbs        $148  

            A1303     10 lbs       $248    

            A1304     25 lbs       $458    


            2nd cut Timothy Hay (多葉)

            A1101      16oz        $55      

            A1102      4 lbs        $148

            A1103     10 lbs       $248  

            A1104     25 lbs       $458  

      **  非常熱賣中






           Oat Wheat Barley Hay (三合麥草)    

             A1105a        16oz           $55

                A1105b      4 lbs           $148


           Alfalfa Hay (苜蓿草)       

               A1106        16oz         $55    

               A1107         4lbs        $148  


** 雙壓式包裝技術,保持牧草清香嫩綠,增加穩定性及減低氧化速度

** 品質長度控制,減少草碎做成浪費

**   影片介紹 (video clip introduction)        ---> click  

                                                            ---> click

**Alfalfa King “Double Compressed” hay doesn’t look like the average bag of hay. Don’t be fooled by a big, puffy, loosely-packed product. Just pick up a bag of Alfalfa King and weigh the difference for yourself.

You and your pet deserve the best and Alfalfa King™ gives you what you’re looking for… ultra-premium, Nevada-grown Alfalfa, Timothy ...  All natural hay products !!



 極品提摩西草 Small Pet Select  (暢銷貨品)





     Best Sell Timothy Hay from USA    **天然及獨特包裝令小動物更愛吃牧草





         High Fiber Timothy  (多幹高纖維)  

        A3201           1lb 包裝               $55   

         A3202         5lbs 箱裝               $185  

         A3203         8lbs 箱裝               $290 

         A3204       20lbs 箱裝               $495 


This is a true premium 1st / 2nd timothy hay with stem, seed head, and leaf which providing high fiber and fresh smell.                                    



          Perfect Blend Timothy  (半幹半葉 / 豐富粗蛋白質)  

        A1201           1lb 包裝               $55   

         A1202         5lbs 箱裝               $185    

         A1203         8lbs 箱裝               $290 

         A1204       20lbs 箱裝               $495 




             Super Soft 3rd cut Timothy  (全葉 / 清香嫩綠)     “店長推荐”

         A2201           1lb 包裝                $60    

          A2202         5lbs 箱裝                $200  


 This is 3rd cutting timothy hay.  The main difference is that 3rd cutting Timothy Hay is ultra soft - - nearly 100% leaf with less stem.  This 3rd cutting is very rare as it is beautiful green less than 1% minimal brown leaf.  limited in supply


             Orchard Grass   (果樹草 )     “新貨抵港”

         A4201           1lb 包裝                $55  

          A4203          8lbs 箱裝              $290


   Small Pet Select timothy hay undergoes a quality control process second to none. Our goal is to keep the hay as close to its natural state as possible. Small Pet Select timothy hay is never over handled. 

   Small Pet Select timothy hay is uniquely packaged in a protective box (high strength, corrugated with no plastic wrapping). Ultimately, this means the hay is not damaged during transit and storage. Additionally the box features an open and closing mechanism, making for easy and convenient storage for pet owners.



                             Video (影片) 1                                                              Video (影片) 2





                      Brytin Western Timothy Hay - First Cutting  (product of USA)

               A0601    24oz (1.5lbs)         $78

              A0603    96oz (6lbs)            $218

              A0604    22.5lbs                  $518


     一般草在壓縮後才入包裝袋,但Brytin 採用全人手切割及包裝,然之後才輕壓減少空氣積累,使每寸草能保持原狀逹到草扎效果 (hay bale) ,這種新式入箱方法能減少草碎及不必要的浪費,並讓你打開包裝袋後感受到香濃草香。




              A17a   NPF super premium timothy 1st cut  1.1kg  $98

              A17b   NPF super premium timothy 1st cut  550g  $58




              AH01   HiPet Pasture Timothy (1st cut ) 450g  $85

              AH02   HiPet Pasture Timothy Soft (2nd cut)  400g  $85

              AH03   HiPet Timothy Silky Soft (3rd cut)  550g  $98

              AH04   HiPet  Pasture Alfalfa 400g  $85

              AH05   HiPet  Pasture Oat Hay 400g  $85




           A01X  美國APD Timothy High Fiber Hay (1st cut)  24oz   $90   <美國進口草>

The crop of Timothy High Fiber Hay we are currently shipping is VERY coarse stemmed with lots of seed heads and mid green color. Excellent high fiber source for helping to create a healthy digestive tract for your pet. Feed to Rabbits, Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs and other hay eating pets.




          A02X 美國APD Timothy Gold Hay (2nd cut) 24oz   $90  <美國進口草>

Great tasting timothy hay is with mostly leaf and high green color. This hay is our most popular seller! Our new crop is in so expect vibrant green in color and shorter pieces of hay! Feed for increased fiber intake. Feed to all hay eating pets.






             A03x  美國APD Mountain Grass (高山草) 24oz    $90 

Another great way to add variety to your pet's diet. Using 100% Orchard Grass. This dark green hay has lots of leaf and stem. Add fiber and variety for the ultimate alternative to timothy hay. Feed to all hay eating animals.






     A04     美國APD Alfalfa Hay  (紫花苜蓿)  24oz    $90         <美國進口草>

     AK04    美國APD Alfalfa Hay (紫花苜蓿)  5lbs    $270          <美國進口草>

Great tasting alfalfa hay with green leaf and stem. Feed for young, growing, breeding and extra protein needs. Feed to all hay eating pets. 




           A05     美國Breeder's Farm 爬蟲專用牧草 453g      $80 






    A06  美國 APD Timothy High Fiber Hay (1st cut)   5lbs  $270 

   A07   美國 APD Timothy Gold Hay (2nd cut)           5lbs   $270    

  ** 任何牧草售後不設退換





                  ACL01   CAT LOVER貓草10g    $28




          A09a  美國 Oxbow Timothy Hay 15oz      $44

       A09b  美國 Oxbow Timothy Hay  40oz      $86

       A09c  美國 Oxbow Timothy Hay  90oz     $153 

       A09d  美國 Oxbow Timothy Hay   9-lb      $240 

       A09e  美國 Oxbow Timothy Hay  25-lb     $528






     A10a  美國 Oxbow Orchard Grass  (果樹草) 15oz   $44 

     A10b  美國 Oxbow Orchard Grass  (果樹草) 40oz   $86  

     A10c  美國 Oxbow Orchard Grass  (果樹草) 9-lb     $240   



       A16a  美國 Oxbow 混合牧草 (提摩西+果樹草) 15oz     $48   

       A16b  美國 Oxbow 混合牧草 (提摩西+果樹草) 40oz     $99   

       A16c  美國 Oxbow 混合牧草 (提摩西+果樹草) 90oz     $188 




   A11   美國 Oxbow Botanical Hay  (香草) 15oz    $48  <美國進口草>

Oxbow’s Botanical Hay is a flavor-packed hay with extra personality. This enticing blend unites Western Timothy Hay with a rich array of three of the following fragrant herbs: chamomile, lemon verbena, hibiscus, lavender, rose hips, comfrey, borage or red clover blossoms. Alternate Botanical Hay with other Oxbow grass hays, or mix it in with other hays to create appetizing, long-strand fiber meals.

Ingredients:  Timothy Grass Hay and three of the following herbs depending on seasonal changes: Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Red Clover Blossoms.




     A12   美國 Oxbow Oat Hay  (高纖麥草)  15oz    $44  <美國進口草>     

Oat Hay, like all grass hay, meets the nutritional needs of herbivores with high fiber and low protein. This appealing alternative contains savory husks full of both flavor and fiber, making it a favorite for many pets. Blend Oat Hay with other Oxbow grass hays to create a nutty-tasting and nutritious combination100% Oat Hay. Preservative and Additive Free. Loose Hay contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads.




   A14   美國 Oxbow Alfalfa Hay (紫花苜蓿)  15oz    $44  <美國進口草>




       ARS000   Canary元氣【百慕達草】450g  $60

       ARS001   Canary元氣【苜蓿草】400g  $60

       ARS002   Canary元氣【燕麥草】400g  $60

       ARS003   Canary元氣【提摩西草】400g  $60



               ARS741   金牌頂級保鮮葛蘭牧草   450g     $55       

               ARS724   金牌頂級一番割提摩西草   450g     $55      




                A18  日本Sanko 有機牧草   300g     $98   <日本進口草>



                AG61  日本Sanko北海道濃香一番提摩西 600g     $68



                AG62  日本Sanko北海道濃香二番提摩西 600g     $68



                     Momi 產品         


 Momi Timothy Hay 牧草      


   A19a      1st cut        18oz        $55

   A19b      1st cut        36oz        $88       

   A19c      2nd cut       36oz        $88     


  大包裝    1st cut 及 2nd cut  (1st cut 及 2nd cut 可混合)

   A20a          5.5磅    (1包)            $155  

   A20b          11磅     (2包)            $255

   A20c          16.5磅   (3包)           $355    

   A20d          22磅     (4包)            $445  





         A23c   Kaytee TImothy Hay  (96oz / 6lbs)   $179    (需預訂)






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