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 About Jim Ritterspach & Chinchillas.com:


Jim Ritterspach is perhaps the most influential chinchilla breeder of the 21st century. He has judged and competed internationally in the chinchilla industry for over 40 years, winning his first Grand Show Championship in 1967. He is a sanctioned judge for both ECBC and MCBA, having judged more National level chinchilla shows than any other judge. Within these show organizations, Mr. Ritterspach has served as Vice President, Chairman of Shows, and Senior Advisor. Additionally Mr. Ritterspach is an inductee into the Empress Hall of Fame.

In 1999 Mr. Ritterspach and Chinchillas.com formed a successful alliance, selling and exporting many of the finest chinchillas produced in the United States each year. These chinchillas are recognized around the globe for their superior quality and prepotency, establishing a reputation for unequalled excellence. In 2005, the Ritterspach / Chinchillas.com alliance added a new breeding associate, thereby making the original Royal Persian Angora chinchillas available to international clientele for the first time in history. To date, Chinchillas.com has founded new breeding programs in over thirty five countries on five continents.



標灰,杏色(米色),粉白,金色,銀斑,銀白,純白,純黑,熊熊黑,絲絨黑,絲絨純黑,紫灰,純紫,絲絨純紫,藍鑽石,寶石藍,紫米,啡白,紫白,絲絨啡,純啡,金巴(goldbar),云石,純黑銀斑,純啡銀斑, 卷毛.....


本公司代理美國龍貓,提供海外代拍及托運服務。 我們代理的龍貓在香港及北京均有代售。












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